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Do you have to be 19 years or older to come to The Giggle Dam?

No. Anyone of any age can come see our show, but we do like to warn our customers that our show is very politically incorrect with sexual innuendo and some strong language, so parental discretion is advised. That being said, the average age of youth who come to our show is roughly sixteen


Are you licensed?

Yes, we are a licensed premises who pride ourselves on our large beverage selection, as well as serving our customers in a courteous and responsible manner.


Do we need reservations and how do they work?

Yes, confirmed reservations are required. The box office will take your party name and date to reserve your spot and then call you two weeks before that date, requiring payment for tickets at that time. When the tickets are paid for you are considered confirmed. If you send a request via our website, you must wait to be contacted by our box office and have paid before you are considered confirmed. Due to the specific seating nature of our theatre, online ticket purchasing is not available on our website at this time.


What does "confirmed reservation required" mean?

This means that although you may have booked your seats, you are not considered to have a confirmed reservation until the box office has contacted you and you have given payment for your seats. At that time you are considered a confirmed reservation and we will be expecting you on the night you booked. If you send a booking request online, please know that this is not the equivalent of a confirmed reservation. Again, once the box office will receive your email and will hold that date for you until it is time to call you for confirmation and payment. If we have not taken payment for your booking, you are not confirmed and there will not be seats for you on the night you booked.


How far in advance do I have to book?

As far as you can! Because our booking system is first come, first served, it is best to book as far ahead in advance as possible if you want a particular date. We suggest anywhere from six weeks to two months ahead to ensure you get the date you want.


Are you open Sundays?

Sunday shows are by demand only. Please check with our box office regarding the date you wish to attend, and they will advise you as to whether or not a show is scheduled. Additionally, Sunday shows run two hours earlier than our regular shows.


Do you book special events?

Yes, we do! Please see our Corporate Events page for more information.


Do I need to pre-order my dinner when I book my tickets?

No, you do not. Our menu is subject to change at any time, therefore we do not take pre-orders. Additionally, our performed menu and order taking is actually an important part of our evening in itself, as it gives our cast a chance to get to know you better.


Can we pick our seats?

No. Because our seating system is first come, first served, via reservations, specific seats cannot be reserved, however if you reserve your party with our box office early enough, you may request to be seated at a specific table or area of the restaurant, and we will do our best to accommodate you according to your time of booking, as well as other group needs on that night.


Can my party sit together?

Yes, we keep our groups together. The Giggle Dam operates on a first come, first served, basis in regards to seating; therefore the party who books the earliest for any particular night will get the best seats. This is why we suggest booking in advance. Please know we always seat our groups with the best possible enjoyment of their evening in mind, according to the group size and the seating plan of our theatre.


How do I pay?

Payment will be taken up to two weeks prior to the date of your reservation, and three weeks before during our Christmas season. Most payments are made via credit card over the phone with our box office team. You may also come to the box office in person to pay for your ticket, where we offer Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Interac and cash payment options. Please be aware that this initial charge only accounts for the price of our dinner and show, and does not include any beverages or merchandise you may consume or acquire, or services provided to you on the night of your reservation.


When reserving for a group, do I have to pay for all the tickets myself?

No. When you are reserving for a group you may reserve for everyone but only pay for as many seats as you like. Other members of the group can call the box office individually to pay for their own seats. If all members of the group have not paid by the confirmation deadline, which is two weeks before the show date, and after the contact person for the group has been made aware of this and had the opportunity to rectify the situation, the group number will be modified, and the remaining unpaid seats will be released to other customers.


Do you give group discounts?

No. Group discounts only apply for contracted corporate or special events, from Sunday through Thursday. Please see our Corporate Events page for more information.


Do I pick up my tickets?

No. Once your reservations are confirmed, we have your booking information and know that you will be attending the show and on what date. All you need to do is show up on the night you reserved and give the person seating you your party name and you are all set!


Do you sell gift cards?

Yes! Our new gift cards are available in any denomination you like. You may purchase them in person at our box office, or send a request to our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will contact you regarding the details. All gift cards are to be treated like cash. Lost or stolen cards will not be refunded. Cards can be reloaded, and will never expire.


What time does it start/end?

Doors open at 6:30 and that is officially when the evening starts. The Giggle Dam is different than many dinner theatres, in that the dinner and show portions of the evening are not kept separate, but are enmeshed with each other. For example, if you want to know what's on the dinner menu, you're going to have to listen because it is performed. This is why we encourage our customers to arrive at the theatre on time so nothing is missed. Because our shows are live and audience participatory, the end time of each evening may vary, however the average time is between 10:30 and 11:00pm.


Can we arrive later than 7pm?

Yes you can, although you should know that the evening's events will have already started by then. A large part of the fun of the evening begins at this time so we urge you to be there by 7:00pm so you don't miss out on any of it. If in fact you cannot be there by 7:00pm, please let the box office know in advance as we must be aware for food preparation purposes, also so our floor staff does not relocate another party to your reserved seats.


Do you do anything special for birthdays?

Yes! Every birthday boy or girl who celebrates with us will get a party hat or some type of outlandish accessory, and a special piece of cake, and are serenaded with "Happy Birthday" by everyone in attendance at the The Giggle Dam.


Can we bring our own cake?

Yes, if you are celebrating an occasion by coming to the Giggle Dam and have your own cake, please let your server know immediately when you are seated and they will place the cake in our cooler for you. Your server will cut and serve your party with your cake during the birthdays and anniversary portion of our evening. Additionally, if you know when you book your reservations that you will be bringing a cake; you may let our box office know at that time so that they can make a note for your server to expect it when your party arrives.


I know your show involves audience participation, but I'm really shy.
Am I still going to get picked on?

No!!!!!! Please know that our staff and actors are very experienced in what they do and have made it a science of picking people in the crowd who they feel are up for the challenge and fun of being on stage. We will NEVER force anyone to participate who does not want to. If it's not fun for you, then it's not fun for us, so please feel free to let our staff know that you do not want to be used on stage and we will make sure it does not happen. Please keep in mind that before the show starts our cast will be on the floor getting to know you, but just because they ask for your name, what you are celebrating and where you're from does not mean you'll end up on stage in a chicken suit, they are just being friendly!


I have extreme food allergies, and/or, dietary constraints. What do I do?

Although we do not do pre-orders for our meals, we do take very seriously the individual needs of our customers and their health. If you or someone in your party has extreme food allergies or dietary constraints, you must let the box office know at the time of booking so that our kitchen has ample time to prepare a special meal for that person. Please keep in mind that our kitchen only carries the foods that we use in our pre-set menu, which is why we need to know before hand about special orders, otherwise there may be nothing that we have available in our kitchen that is appropriate for that person to eat. Additionally, our food is made in a kitchen where nuts and shellfish are handled.


I would love to come to The Giggle Dam but I'm in a wheelchair. What should I do?

If you have special seating requirements, please let our box office know when you are confirming your reservations and we will make sure your party is seated at one of our wheelchair accessible tables in the theatre. Additionally, our bathrooms are also wheelchair friendly.


When is your Christmas season?

Our Christmas season is our busiest time of the year. The Christmas show starts mid November until December 29th, with a few days off for Santa to visit in between (We are dark on Mondays). Although we run six nights a week, please book far in advance as we are generally sold out every night during this time.


Are Rod Stewart and Elvis going to be there?

Rod and Elvis grace us with their amazing talents in almost every show (like 99% of the time) but there is no guarantee that they will be there!


How do I apply for a job with the Giggle Dam?

Please see your DAM Auditions & Careers  page for all the details.


What is the Giggle Dam’s Tipping Policy?

Please see our DAM gratuity policy for all the details.


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